Islam & The Theory of Evolution

Presentation delivered at The Times’ Cheltenham Science Festival, 3-7 June 2009, Session: Faith in Evolution, Thursday 4th June 2009.

Islam and Evolution

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6 Responses to “Islam & The Theory of Evolution”

  1. Ameen Says:

    I do agree that Islam and Evolution are at ONE. There is no contradiction. The only contradiction that arises is when we follow creationist or neo darwinist thought patterns, and then, only then, do contradictions occur.

    My only hic-up with Usama’s undertsanding is that Adam has a father. To affirm evolution Islamically wouldn’t mean that Adam has to have a father.

    We all believe in the science of geology, but can someone chuck all the books of geology out of the window because a a rock said ‘salaam’ as a miraclous event? Of course not! Can we chuck our understanding of conbustion theory because Ibraheem Alayhisalaam did not burn? Of course not! Likewise we can’t chuck evolution out of the window because there may of been Adam like beings on earth before he came.

    Scientifically speaking we can say ‘ man has decended from apes’ because science deals with the generalities. But religiously speaking we should say ‘Adam had no father’ because the concpet of God creating Adam AS with his two hands and out on earth was a MIRACLE event being scientific remit.

    The best article on the issue is this:

  2. sami Says:

    Salaam Alaiakum
    Usama do you know if there is a video accompanying this presentation?
    if yes where could I find it?

  3. sam dg Says:

    thanks i will do.

  4. Usman Farooq Says:


    Could you please explain how Eve fits into the evolutionary theory, particylarly in the context of the Hadeeth from Ibn Abbaas that Eve was created from the left back rib of Adam while he was asleep.

  5. Ahmed Says:

    As-salamu alaykum,
    Could you post the detailed explaination on human evolution and the ayat and Ahadith that are quoted as contradicting it?

    I tried to find Mohammad Hamidullah’s work online but could’nt.

    I was wondering if you could help me with that.

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