Obituary – Shaykh Muhammad b. Salih b. ‘Uthaymin

Obituary of Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin

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One Response to “Obituary – Shaykh Muhammad b. Salih b. ‘Uthaymin”

  1. Saeed AbdulRahim Says:

    Sallams Br. Usama,


    My research into the subject of Permissibility or Otherwise to have Female Imams of “Mixed Gender Congregations” is throwing up some interesting things, in particular about Umm Waraqah (inc her assisnation by her servants, I further understand that the Rasool(saw) used to address her as a “Shaheeda”).

    I further understand that the Only Male in her congregation was an elderly member of her household who was appointed the Muaddin.

    I understand further that, the Rasul(saw) used to visit her often..However the Question is Did the Rasool(saw) ever prayed in her house…????

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