Sh. Sudais in London

Sh. Abdul-Rahman Sudais, one of the Imams at the Ka’bah, will lead the Maghrib (Sunset) prayers at the East London Mosque in Whitechapel this Tuesday 4th Aug insha’Allah.  He will then lead the Isha (Night) prayers at the Darul Ummah in nearby Bigland Street, East London.

His schedule for the rest of the week will be announced there, including Friday prayers on 7th Aug, possibly at the Regent’s Park Mosque.

Last week, he led the Sunset prayers at Al-Tawhid Mosque in Leyton and gave a short talk afterwards in Arabic that was translated into English.  The mosque was packed, naturally.

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2 Responses to “Sh. Sudais in London”

  1. David T Says:

    Dear Usama

    Sudais has expressed extreme racist and sectarian views, some of which are set out by my colleague, here:

    I would be interested in your views on these sentiments, and on the man who expressed them.

  2. muslimah Says:

    we have been blessed with the imam of the holy mosque
    to come and visit us here in the UK
    mashallah im extremly happy
    i was abroad and did not realise he was here for quiete some time
    a whole week
    if you have any knowledge of any other place he may be attending
    or when he will return to saudi arabia
    i would apreciate being informed on here
    jazakallah kheiran

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