Islam in British Stone

Islam in British Stone is a web-based project that seeks out and promotes Britain’s most significant Muslim heritage sites and greatest Islamic influenced buildings. It was developed as a response to our work with young Muslims. It emerged that there was a gap in knowledge with regards to British Muslim/Islamic history and this could be a significant factor in the disenfranchisement of young British Muslims. This project aims to tackle this issue by highlighting the historic relationship between Islam and Britain in a positive manner.

The project focuses on the heritage of the Muslim community in Britain and its use, affect and influence on the built environment. Historically significant buildings like these can provide a way for a community to connect to its past and help establish a sense of place within society. These buildings have played a significant role at the heart of the Muslim community in Britain for generations and they deserve to be recognised as important monuments in its modern history.The learning and promotion of the history and heritage of the Muslim community in Britain is still at its very early stages. A huge amount of work to research, document and archive is required and we hope that in our own little way this project will help stimulate this sphere of work.

We are currently promoting and celebrating the 120 year anniversary of the Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking, the first purpose built mosque in the UK, opened in 1889 and a Grade II* listed building. By using the latest internet-based computer games technology we have created a 3-D environment that allows anyone to ‘virtually’ visit the mosque with a few clicks of a mouse and a broadband connection.

Any thoughts, suggestions and advice or potential links, partners and support would be very much appreciated.

Please be aware the site is ‘work in progress’.

Please feel free to pass on to any interested parties.

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