Mrs. Wasim Akram passes on

The Pakistani newspaper Jang reported today that the great cricketer Wasim Akram’s wife Huma, 42, departed for the next world yesterday. She was on a flight from Pakistan to Singapore, going for an operation on a brain tumour. Emergency landing in Chennai/Madras when she fell further ill. Admitted to hospital there but died. She leaves two sons with Wasim, Taimur and Akbar. May Allah accept her good deeds and admit her into Paradise.

The same newspaper interviewed a top Singaporean neuro-surgeon a few weeks ago when he visited Karachi. I’m wondering if Mrs. Akram was headed for the same hospital where this chap is based?

In that interview, Dr. Priyam Palay (?) said that:

* Brain tumours were becoming more frequent across all age groups, worldwide. (U: better diagnosis may be at least a partial explanation here.)

* Job-satisfaction is very high when helping to save lives. He met a Karachi girl whose tumour he’d removed a decade earlier.

* Pakistan has some very good neurosurgeons but not the latest technology nor always the awareness of it.

* The US, UK, Germany, Japan and Singapore are the best countries for the treatment of brain tumours.

* The quality of medical training in Singapore is on a par with the US, the best in the world.

U: Often, the priority for developing countries is not superficial religion or politics or unwanted, usurious billion-dollar loans from outside that enslave entire nations for decades. What they really need is sustainable healthcare, education and employment.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve learnt about charities helping to build children’s cancer units in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Malawi and other places: very worthy causes.

4 Responses to “Mrs. Wasim Akram passes on”

  1. fugstar Says:

    Innalillahi wa innaillayhi Rajiun

    Healthcare, education and employment are very political, costly (loans) and creative. Education is very moral, and immensly political.

    being beholden to IMF, WB dictats, conditionality and loans impede the development of local expertise and service quality in home conditions.

  2. whasan420 Says:

    sounds like meddling in-laws at it again!
    dental work to infection to kidney failure…jeeps!!!!

  3. A H Toor Says:

    [I have edited this lengthy comment due to the serious allegations, deleting specific names. Very sorry to hear about this case. May Allah shower mercy upon your daughter’s soul. Difficult to know how to help. In the UK, the NHS is publicly-funded, so there is much accountability. There are official review bodies for hospital and staff performance, and patients’ groups, etc. Perhaps other readers can suggest ways forward in Pakistan? – U.H.]

    Murder by Services and […] Hospital Doctors

    I would like to narrate the story of my daughter, Doctor Mahira Raza, cleared FCPS part-I, with husband a doctor and elder brother Dr. Farooq Hameed Toor, MRCP, currently a registered physician ( You can check his registration from UK Medical Council, not like PMDC which only advertise quackery.)
    My daughter consulted Dr. […]
    MBBS, MCPS, FRCS of […] Medical College ( East Medical ward of […] Hospital) , Lahore for a thyroid surgery. He agreed to perform the operation at […] for Rs.72000/- [currently about £524]. The hospital is owned by relative of PM, […]

    When as a father I enquired my daughter and she said she immediately needs surgery,
    I requested her not to go for surgery on advice of my non doctor friend who also advised against operation because of careless surgeons of […] Hospital on private hunting grounds. He quoted me example of three top VVIP’s who get medical attention from abroad for attention as little as aching ankle.

    I asked my daughter to delay and found out that she could delay up to a month. I requested her to wait only for one week so that I can survey facilities. She agreed, but Butcher Dr. […] painted a scenario of immediate urgency.

    She was operated on Nov. 2, 2009 at approximately 4:00PM to 9:00PM. Surgeon had the assistance of Anesthesiologists Dr. […] Senior Medical Officer
    MCPS of […] hospital, who was simultaneously handling 7 operations at […] There was assistant surgeon Dr. […] Assistant Professor MBBS, FCPS of […] Hospital too. All of them of government institutions […]

    Some serious negligence took place, which my engineer son and my wife were witnessing the murderous operation going on inside. My son immediately flew from UK to attend to his sister. He questioned Dr. […] and proved him that it was impossible to handle any emergency with old and defective supports. He demonstrated the deadly conditions without any alarm coming out of equipment.
    She was handed over to neurologist, Dr. […] Associate Professor MBBS, MRCP at [… hospital], as the failed/bad operations of […] are generally handled by him to satisfy the relatives, forced us to move our patient to another hospital. We moved my daughter to […] Hospital ICU.

    My daughter died ( final murder steps ) under the supervision of Doctors […] at […] Hospital, Lahore on December 4, 2009.

    Punjab government employs 18 Secretaries and deputy secretaries as per organ gram, and reportedly they are all part owners of private hospitals.

    My son hear dreadful stories of Punjab Government Hospitals and private hospitals, and said that there are on average of two such cases per hospital per month, in government hospitals making them the largest killers only to second those killed by road accidents. Taliban score is much lower than this.

    As a first step they should be ordered to provide discharge slip and operation notes for the doctors to account for approximately 20 days of my daughter at […] and they should be stopped to do any kind of operation because of being ill equipped under new Medical Commission Bill.

    It is interesting to note that the ICU’s of all private hospitals have deadly viruses in their ventilators.

    A H Toor
    0300 9470234
    166 Raza Block
    A I Town


  4. mehreen Says:

    I just don’t know what to say. I could not compile my self to say enough word but this is all just unbelievable to me. I am writing to say that how sorry I am for your big loss. I was looking for good endocrinologists in Pakistan and came across to your post and saw your home address. Suddenly it occurred to me that, this is about Mahira Hameed Toor who used to be my class fellow in Comprehensive Girls School. She was kind of a person who always inspired other people around her. I was always a big fan of hers and I bet no one can ever forget about her vibrant personality. Although I never get a chance to see her after finishing school but whenever I thought of some bright girls from my school she was on the top. This is a big tragedy. I deeply pray for her that may Allah give her soul peace and be rest her in paradise. May Allah give you and your faqmily strength to handle this irreplaceable loss.


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