On Prophetic birthdays and dates of death

Bismillah. An ancient Jewish tradition says that Prophets of God die on the same date as their birthday, thus nicely completing a cosmic, spiritual cycle. (I learnt this via a letter from a Jewish reader printed in a Christian newspaper, a couple of years ago).

The tradition certainly fits the last Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him).


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2 Responses to “On Prophetic birthdays and dates of death”

  1. Anis Says:


    Do you have a reference at all for this ancient Jewish tradition? Is there a Talmudic or Mishnaic reference for it? I’m just interested. Thanks,

    • Usama Hasan Says:

      Anis, I learnt about this tradition via a letter from a Jewish reader (who may have been a rabbi) that was printed in a Christian newspaper (Anglican, I think) one or two years ago. Sorry my isnad isn’t more specific or strong, and I don’t know about Talmudic or Mishnaic references. 🙂 But the tradition stuck in my head since we were taught as children that the Prophet (pbuh)’s dates of birth and death were the same. I was always curious about this and its significance only hit me when I read the above-mentioned letter.

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