FODIP update

Bismillah. From Jane Clements:

Dear friend and supporter,

* FODIP was pleased to be part of the panel at the recent launch of Concordis International Paper VIII. This document – ‘British Churches and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’ – is an important contribution to the discussion. Arising from a conference at Cambridge held last year, it is a readable collection of a range of different perspectives. Copies can be obtained from:

* The ‘Manchester FODIP group’ was launched last week with an appropriate Middle Eastern meal. This group of Jews, Christians and Muslims comprises some of the participants of the December Study Tour. They are available as a panel for groups and congregations to host at meetings and special events.

* Thank you to those groups who have applied for the ‘Neighbours for Peace’ grants. Applications are now closed and decisions will be communicated shortly.

Jane Clements
Director, FODIP;


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