World Cup Final – the Srebrenica Connection

Bismillah. I was gonna support Holland on Sunday for footballing reasons, including the fact that Robin Van Persie is an Arsenal man and a convert to Islam (in an ideal world, he’d score a hat-trick, the winning goal and be man of the match).

But I’ve received this message (below)from Prof. Francis Boyle of Illinois today. Does the football team represent the government? Should sport & politics mix?

One solution is for some brave Dutch fans to unfurl a giant banner at the final saying, “We are sorry about Srebrenica.” Van Persie can then score that winning goal …

Joking aside, the more mature we become, the more we realise the truth of the Qur’anic revelation that “The worldly life is nothing but amusement and frivolity, play and sport.”

The Dutch National Team will be playing for the World Cup upon the fifteenth anniversary of the genocidal massacre at Srebrenica for which the Dutch National Government is jointly and severally responsible under international law.

Furthermore, for the past 15 years the Dutch National Government has lied about, covered up, whitewashed, and stonewalled the fact that it co-operated in the massacre of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica, also rendering the Dutch National Government an Accessory After the Fact to the “genocide” at Srebrenica, as determined by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the so-called World Court.

For these reasons, the Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinja call upon all people of good faith and good will around the World, especially those at the World Cup Stadium in South Africa, to publicly root against the Dutch National Team in sympathy with the Victims at Srebrenica.‬‪

We will not rest until Justice is done!‬‪ ‬‪

Professor Francis A. Boyle‬‪
Attorney for the Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinja

Further comments from Prof. Boyle:

This is the National Team representing The Netherlands, which is in substantial part responsible for the genocidal massacre at Srebrenica.‬‪

Also, the Dutch National Team will be playing in the Final on the very Day of Remembrance and Burial of more Remains at Potocari, Srebrenica, Bosnia. This should be a National Day of Shame in the Netherlands, not rejoicing.

(UH: if the team plays badly or unfairly enough, it could still be a National Day of Shame!)

‪Nacionalni tim kraljevine Holandije ce igrati u finalu svjetskog nogomentnog kupa na dan 15-te gosisnjice genocidnog masakra u Srebrenici za koji je vlada kraljevine Holandije kolektivno I individualno odgovorna po osnovu interanionalnog zakona.

Zadnjih petnaest godina nacionalna vlada kraljevine Holandije laze, sakriva I obstruira dokaze o svom ucescu u masakru 8000 Bosnjaka odraslih muskaraca I djecaka u Srebrenici, iako je njen doprinos genocidu u Srebrenici utvrdjen presudom Internacionalnog suda pravde u Hagu (tzv. Svjetski sud).

Abog ovih razloga, udruzenje gradjana Majke Srebrenice I Podrinja pozivaju sve ljude dobre volje u citavom svijetu, a posebno one na stadionu Svjetskog nogometnog kupa u juznoj Africi, da javno navijaju protiv nacionalnog tima kraljevine Holandije kao znak simpatije prema zrtvama u Srebrenici.

Mi necemo odustati dok ne dobijemo pravdu.

Francis A. Boyle,
Advokat Udruzenja gradjana Majke Srebrenice i Podrinja‬

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