Bismillah. Saudi Arabia has announced the start of Ramadan tonight, but it is not clear what the basis is for this, since the new crescent moon (hilal) was simply not visible there today.

Whether you begin Ramadan on Wed 10 Aug or Thurs 11 Aug, have a blessed month!

A message is appended below from a leading astronomer in Pakistan:

My respected teachers and friends are this time in Madinah (Saudi Arabia). They tried to sight the moon by naked eyes but not sighted as it was expected astronomically. Sky was clear.

Visibility report for Tuesday 10 August 2010 (28 Shaban 1431 in Pakistan): Not seen at 60 places

Today (Tuesday, 10 August 2010) was 28th Shaban 1431 in Pakistan and the moon was so defective in whole Asia that there was no solid proof in the history of astronomy to sight such a moon even by a telescope, hence there was no need to try to sight the moon in Pakistan but in spite of this fact, just to increase the trust of common people in the Science of Moon-sighting and because the people were confused due to the 29th Shaban in Saudi Arab, I requested the people to sight the moon today. Resultantly, On my request, nearly 300 persons (members of the moon-sighting committees of our institute “JAMIA-TUR-RASHEED” + my friends + their companions) tried to sight the moon at nearly 60 places all over Pakistan but the moon could not be sighted, as it was astronomically expected tonight. It was almost cloudy today countrywide, due to monsoon season. There is worst flood of history in Pakistan. Nearly 14 million persons are directly affected. Pray and help your Pakistani brothers.

Note 2: After some days, insha’Allah, a detailed report of this observation in Urdu will be available at http://www.esnips.com/web/moonnewsofja miaturrasheed‫‫‬‬

Muhammad Sultan Alam
Head of research committee/Astronomy department
Ahsanabad,Karachi, Pakistan
http://www.esnips.com/user/ moonsighting


2 Responses to “Ramadan”

  1. Anas Imtiaz Says:

    JazakAllah and Ramadan Kareem. Still not sure when it is beginning in London though

  2. Ali Says:

    You will note the following statement relevant for Shia Muslims following Sayyid Seestani – those living in Europe and the UK start Ramadhan on Friday! May Allah (s.w.t.) accept your good actions in this month.

    (from Najaf.org)

    In The Name of Allah The Compassionate Most Merciful

    The Office of Sayyid Seestani in the Holy city of Najaf informs Momineen that His Eminence (long may he live) has ascertained that tomorrow Thursday is the first day of the blessed month of Ramadhan in most Islamic countries, Iraq and all Arab countries, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and also India and Australia, African countries and South America, the United States and parts of Canada.
    For most European regions like the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries and most parts of Canada the day after tomorrow, Friday, will be the first day of the blessed month. We ask Allah Almighty to let this be a month of Khair and Baraka for all Muslims.

    The Office of Sayyid Seestani
    Holy city of Najaf
    Wednesday night

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