Chechen translators needed

Bismillah. From SCC:

To commemorate World Chechnya Day 2011, the Save Chechnya Campaign shall be producing a retrospective on the music of Imam Alimsultanov.

We’re urgently seeking translators with an excellent mastery of the Chechen language to help translate the lyrics of his songs into English. The translations need not be in perfect English. However they should capture the full meaning of his words/lyrics which we can then work on together. Even if only one song can be translated then that would still be very helpful in moving this project forward.

Imam Alimsultanov was assassinated in 1996 in a political killing widely blamed on the Russian Security Services. His works – more than and unlike any other – vividly express the aspirations, ideals and sorrows of the Chechen experience in their long struggle for freedom. The ballads draw heavily on the verse of classical Chechen poets such as Umar Yarycheva and Musa Geshaev in an evocative style that’s deeply engaging. The sentiment expressed in Imam Alimsultanov’s work are quintessentially Chechen. Their translation would make the defining emotional experiences of Chechens accessible, and thereby more understood, to the wider world.

Interested translators should email:

Save Chechnya Campaign


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