Fazlur Rahman on evolution

Bismillah. Received from a friend, with thanks.

5 Responses to “Fazlur Rahman on evolution”

  1. Ameen Says:

    Which book is it taken from? What about the rest of the chapter…?

  2. ahadithstudies Says:

    This is well known. Evolution was a common belief amongst early Muslim scientists, e.g. famously written about in Muqaddimah of Ibn Khaldun

    Creation of mankind is discussed in the following verses [3:59, 6:2, 6:133, 11:61, 15:26, 22:5, 21:30, 23:12, 24:45, 29:19-20, 32:7-8, 37:11, 55:14, 71:14, 76:1, 76:28]. The sequence of events resembles an evolutionary process, but with God as the initiator and sustainer, with mankind being given unique qualities at a point in time when ready.

    See the parable/allegory of Adam for information on the beginning of the test, its principles etc.

  3. uwais Says:

    Islam to the Modern Mind.


  4. ahadithstudies Says:

    Thanks for the information. You can read many of fazlur rahman’s works and books here: http://fazlur-rahman.livejournal.com

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