Don’t fund another Gaddafi

Bismillah. Received from – work like this is of course promoting goodness & correcting evil:

We’re all appalled by Gaddafi’s oppression of the Libyan people – and wondering what we can do to help. Well, one thing we can do is help stop the flow of funds to such oppression.

Gaddafi has been able to fund his regime in part because of a lack of transparency in the deals between the government and the oil companies operating in Libya. Mubarak’s regime in Egypt also exploited this lack of transparency. It is for precisely this reason that we need to call for a law requiring companies to disclose how much they pay governments to extract natural resources. It’s a critical measure to help people hold their governments to account on how money is being spent.

Please click on the link below to ask George Osborne to ensure all European oil and gas companies must disclose their payments to governments:

Dear George Osborne,

Please make a public statement in support of laws across the EU that will require big oil, gas and other extractive companies to declare exactly how much they are paying developing country governments.

Gaddafi has clung on to power by using the proceeds from hidden international oil deals. Companies that have wanted to extract oil in Libya have had to deal with him for years and as a result some of the payments they’ve made have gone to help finance his oppression of the Libyan people.

Due to the wider work that ONE has been doing as part of the Publish What You Pay coalition, real momentum is building to get this payment information made public. The United States has already passed a law requiring its companies to publish what they pay other governments and French President Sarkozy recently declared his support for similar laws across the EU.

Thank you for taking part.

Stuart McWilliam,


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