SAVE – 3

Bismillah. Last session yesterday: Paul Carrillo & Yasmin Mulbocus, ex al-Muhajirun, chaired by Chris Isham (not the quantum gravity expert!)

Today’s sessions:

We just had a POWERFUL talk from Aichah el-Wafi, mum of Zacharias Moussaoui (“20th hijacker” of 9/11), interviewed by Anne-Marie Slaughter of Princeton. She is now chairing a panel on identity with Ben Owens (ex-Cripp), Arno Michaels (ex neo-Nazi, Kindness not Weakness) & Noman Benotman (ex-leader of the Libyan Jihadis, was with Bin Ladin & Zawahiri in Afghan).

Prof. Slaughter was very struck by the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), “The strong man is not one who wrestles his opponent to the ground. The strong man is the one who controls himself when angry.” It had been mentioned by Yasmin Mulbocus on stage the previous day, and the Prof requoted it today, exploring what it means to be powerful, macho etc.

Dr. Shona Brown, Director of Google, chairing with Mubin Shaikh (ex-member of Toronto terrorist cell), an ex neo-Nazi, ex SA gang leader + Ruth, a former Bader-Meinhoff sympathiser.

Jared Cohen chairing: Tahir Malik (wife blown up by Taliban at the UN World Food Programme in Islamabad), an ex-skinhead who runs Harmony Through Hockey, Rudy Cruz, Imam Sani Isah of Nigeria plus our very own Abu Muntasir ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the heads of Sesame St International speaking: Gary. They try to impart decent values to kids from a young age (in some countries, kids join gangs aged 4-d & get killed at 10-12). Operate in 140 countries, inc. Pak + Middle East. Eg issues such as childhood obesity. Now showing premiere of a clip on bullying that will be watched by 30 million kids later this year God-willing ๐Ÿ™‚


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