SAVE – 4

Bismillah. The following were also at the summit: ex-President Uribe of Colombia. Mark who was kidnapped there by FARC rebels (as was Tom Hart-Dyke, not at the summit).

Camilla Carr, who went to Chechnya from the UK to help children but was kidnapped and held by fighters for 14 months & treated brutally. She has written a book about her ordeal, “The Sky Is Always There.”

Dari (?), one of the teachers held hostage during the Beslan massacre, was also there but I didn’t have the honour of meeting her.

Sue Hanisch, whose leg was blown off by an IRA bomb in a litter-bin at London’s Victoria Station in 1991. Bins were removed from the London Underground after that.

I was touched by the patience, dignity, courage, forgiveness and smiles of all the heroic “Survivors” at the Summit. The Formers are all inspirational people: the Survivors even more so. All Praise be to Allah.


2 Responses to “SAVE – 4”

  1. Ali Glenesk Says:

    Was just writing up my notes on the summit and stumbled on your blog. It was so nice meeting you and keep in touch. I really feel I learned from my conversations with you, however brief.
    -Ali Glenesk

  2. tahir wadood malik Says:

    wonderful write up, capturing the essence of SAVE. it was an event full of love, surprises and openness. may Allah help us all continue the work started at Dublin, aamen

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