Hajj exhibition at the British Museum

Bismillah. This is THE event of London 2012, far more important than a sporting event or a diamond jubilee. It is a unique & historic occasion when the Ka’bah, symbol of the centre of our hearts, has in a sense come to Central London.

The exhibition is brilliant. Go and see it, and take your families & friends (kids go free). A particular connection with the UK is the story of Thomas Cook as Hajj travel agent from 19th-century British India. A “Thomas Cook Hajj travel ticket to Mecca” and pilgrim guidebook are on display. Perhaps Thomas Cook should look into this again: the barakah (blessings) may save their ailing business.

Also worth seeing is the “Church of the Holy Sepulchre” temporary exhibit (on the right as you enter the museum). This includes a brief history of Jerusalem and some details about the Ottoman edict that split the church building amongst six different churches (sects).

Relatedly, you may wish to see “The Journey of Love,” Imam Ibn al-Qayyim’s poem about the Hajj, an extract from his Qasidah Mimiyyah, elsewhere on this blog.


One Response to “Hajj exhibition at the British Museum”

  1. sayed Says:

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    Taking in to consideration the above said fact then the term of extremism and moderate for a party becomes irrelevant and meaningless especially in Islam. Now I think instead of using such terms which are irrelevant in Islam it is better to pinpoint the illegality of the performance of someone based on Quran Karim. For example; we know that Quran Karim doesn’t permit killing of a man unless he has not killed someone else (however in such conditions Islam still encourages his followers to patience and absolving) or creation of terror, hatred, corruption and enmity in a peaceful society and fighting with those who have not fight with them or have not stopped them from the implementation of the order of Allah (s.w.t) and has not driven someone out from his home and country and so on. In the mean time it is more important to show and pin point to the Muslims about their problems which they have. For example; Muslims should abandon the so called Hadith which have been prohibited by Quran Karim (verses Al – Aaraf:3 and Al – Maida: 55 together) and learn Quran Karim and perform according to the orders of Quran Karim only and abandon the so called Islamic parties (Sunny, Shiite, Ahmadi, Salafi, Wahabi, Shafiyee, Malikee, Hanafee…) which Allah (s.w.t) promised them big tribulation (verse Ali Emran 105) and should call them only Muslim, which Allah (s.w.t) has called such people as the best speaker and finally should preach to the people based on Quran Karim only (Al –Raad: 2) and so on. Acting based on the orders of Quran Karim means practically introducing the high Islamic ethic and morality in a society which are the strongest adhering tool in attracting people to Islam and nullifier of the worst propaganda against Muslims.

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