I am amazed …

Bismillah. Translation of a poster that caught my eye in the Islamic Foundation prayer hall today:


… at the one afflicted by four [matters],
how he can forget four [verses].

Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq [The Truthful] said:

I am amazed at the one afflicted by fear, how he can forget, “Enough for us is God: what an excellent protector!” [Q 3:173]

I am amazed at the one afflicted by people’s plotting against him, how he can forget, “I entrust my matter to God: truly, God is All-Seeing over His Servants!” [Q 40:44]

I am amazed at the one afflicted by harm, how he can forget, “My Lord! Truly, harm has touched me, whilst You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.” [Q 21:83]

I am amazed at the one afflicted by sorrow, how he can forget, “There is no god except You. Glory be to You! Truly, I used to be amongst the wrongdoers.” [Q 21:87]


One Response to “I am amazed …”

  1. Ali Says:

    Assalam Aalaikum.
    ‘God is not a Delusion: A Muslim Doctor Presents Evidence for Belief’
    This is a well-researched book that presents arguments to counter atheism, written by a Muslim doctor. The book will be available in July from the following link.
    It will be best if the book can be ‘talked about’ on your blog. How do I get this done?
    Kind regards,

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