Seeking Rahma

Bismillah. A wonderful article by Hafsa. On Portia’s “mercy seasons justice”: God is never unjust, ie we expect Justice at minimum from God; at maximum, we hope for Mercy, Forgiveness and Love from God. We are also required to be fair and just (minimum), forgiving, loving and merciful (maximum) – “God commands justice and kindness” (Q. 16:90). The Prophets were known for these qualities, as were the first two Caliphs of Islam: Abu Bakr for mercy, ‘Umar for justice.

The Olive

 It’s that wonderful time of year again for seeking Rahma. Ramadhan, the month of mercy and forgiveness. Rahma– what a beautiful word, concept and feeling! It conveys mercy, compassion, favour, tenderness and more, all in one word. In its intensive form it gives us the two names of God that are repeated most often by muslims, Al-Rahman and Al-Raheem. Names that constantly remind us that creation and life itself are a mercy. The famous passage Al-Rahman from the Quran is a sweeping and awe-inspiring description of the perfect balance and rhythm of creation, every aspect of its existence permeated by the essence of rahma.

 From the same root word we have also Rahm, literally meaning womb and also implying the concept of having relationships. In Arabic etymology the connections between words and concepts that come from the same root word are particularly strong, and in this…

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