Lo que dijo Stephen Hawking sobre dios desde una perspectiva islámica

Lo que dijo Stephen Hawking sobre dios desde una perspectiva islámica

2 Responses to “Lo que dijo Stephen Hawking sobre dios desde una perspectiva islámica”

  1. Abraham Says:

    Dear Dr. Hasan, I am a recent convert to Islam and a physician by training. I have been wrestling with the traditional view that Islam rejects human evolution. I do believe that the direct intervention of the great and omnipotent Allah could easily have resulted in the creation of humans. Allow me to explain: evolutionary biologists now believe that early humans evolved from forest dwelling primates. These primates lived for perhaps millions of years in the forest subsisting on largely vegetarian diets. This abruptly changed in the last million years probably through an act of God. Great cataclysmic events, like earthquakes, floods, and forest die off would have been required to drive the primates from their cozy forest dwellings to seek new food sources in the plains. These cataclysmic events which are known to be the break up of pangaea, volcanic activity, and other natural disasters could’ve resulted in the selection of a highly mobile and agile human like species. This early human was exiled from the garden of Eden as it were and forced into a world of toil and ever-seeking for new food sources. Thus the evolution of present-day humans was due to the direct intervention of Allah. As a recent convert to Islam I am very uncomfortable sharing this view with my fellow Muslims for fear of reprisals. And yet I believe the Koran is repeatedly vindicated through modern scientific pursuit . Thank you for this chance to share my thoughts

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