Fatwas for and against mortgages for buying homes

The ECFR’s fatwa on mortgages for home-purchasing with Dr. Salah al-Sawi’s detailed response.  Includes analysis of classical fiqh and usul including Hanafi positions on riba in Dar al-Harb (“the Abode of War”), and Imam al-Haramayn Juwayni’s text al-Ghiyathiyyah.

Analysis of Fatwas on Mortgages


3 Responses to “Fatwas for and against mortgages for buying homes”

  1. Ayesha Says:


    The analysis of fatwas on mortgage is from 2001. Do the conclusions form the analysis change given that there are alternative finanacing facilties avaialble now in 2009, which are Shariah compliant? It would be really, really helpful to all muslim women to have their roles elduded to in the debates regarding riba transcations such as prataking in joint mortgages. It may be permissible under certain circumstances for the husband to takea sharia-compliant, not sharia-based mortgage, but should the wife help if help is required in obtaining a mrotgage that the husband considers reasonable. Muslim women in the West have to contend with financial questions that require guidance from analysis of their situation as women who work and can contribute financialy towards their families.

    • usamahasan Says:

      For joint mortgages etc., surely this is a decision for the couple to make together after coming to an agreement / understanding between the two of them?

  2. ayesha Says:

    The analysis makes a much-needed contribution to the knowledge available regarding the subject of of riba’-based mortgages. It is absolutley excellent. I’ve not seen anything even remotely satisfying as this anywhere else.
    I apologise for asking a question that does not seem directly related to the analysis. I have cheated a bit by asking here rather than asking an alim directly.

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