General Relativity (Gravity) and Quantum Theory

Modified Newtonian Dynamics by Dr. Sabbir Rahman

Famously, Einstein’s theory of gravity and general relativity (GR) is incompatible with quantum theory (QT), but both are theories that have been experimentally tested to be true to a very high degree of precision, within their own domains.  Reconciling GR and QT is one of the major unsolved problems in contemporary physics.  Here is a fascinating paper by Dr. Sabbir Rahman that outlines a possible solution to the problem.


We consider a simple model of the physical vacuum as a self-gravitating rela-
tivistic fluid. Proceeding in a step-by-step manner, we are able to show that the
equations of classical electrodynamics follow if the electromagnetic four-potential
is associated with the four-momentum of a space-filling fluid of neutral spinors
which we identify with neutrinos and antineutrinos. Charged particles, which
we identify with electrons and positrons, act as sinks for the fluid and have
the structure of the maximal fast Kerr solution. Electromagnetic waves are de-
scribed by oscillations in the fluid and interactions between charges occur via the
exchange of photons, which have the structure of entwined neutrino-antineutrino
pairs that form twisted closed loops in spacetime connecting the charges. The
model predicts that antimatter has negative mass, and that neutrinos are matter-
antimatter dipoles. Together these suffice to explain the presence of modified
Newtonian dynamics as a gravitational polarisation effect.


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2 Responses to “General Relativity (Gravity) and Quantum Theory”

  1. Majezan Yaacob Says:

    a positive step in the path of theoretical physics

  2. Mel Says:

    Came to similar conclusion, glad to reax

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