Reflections on Moonsighting

1) This is the latest version of a presentation I’ve given at various places around the UK: Reflections on Moonsighting

2) A first-night, 32-hour-old crescent-sighting (plus Venus) from my back garden in London, Muharram 1428 / January 2007 (and hence signalling the start of a new Islamic year) can be seen in this YouTube video.

3) Here is an introductory course on Islamic astronomy, covering Qiblah, prayer times and moonsighting: An Introduction to Islamic Astronomy

4) Here is a presentation on similar subjects by Dr. Steve Bell of HM Nautical Almanac Office, and who is perhaps the UK’s top expert on such astronomical calculations (he also does all the calculations for Websurf and Moonwatch): London_2007Sept08

5) “The Correct Qiblah” – a paper by Kamal Abdali: qibla paper


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4 Responses to “Reflections on Moonsighting”

  1. Qamar Uddin Says:

    Salam Br Usama, thank you for sharing these valuable knowledge with us. Jzk!

  2. Afroz Ali Says:

    Excellent work, sidi Usama- well done!

    Was Salaam

  3. Qamardeen Yasin Says:

    Jazakum Llah khayran for this wonderful and beneficial knowledge you share with us

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