Ibn Taymiyyah on Fasting and Moonsighting

Ibn Taymiyyah – Fasting and Moonsighting v1 (16 pages including commentary by Usama Hasan)

From the Collected Fatwas of Ibn Taymiyyah (Majmu’ Fatawa Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah), ed. ‘Abd al-Rahman b. Qasim and his son Muhammad, Riyadh, 1398 H, vol. 25 (vol. 5 of the Fiqh Section), pp. 98-113.


1 Fasting on the day when it might or might not be the first of Ramadan
1.1 Caution in legal matters
1.2 Does the hilal exist only when it is visible, or does it have an independent existence?

2 How far geographically is a hilal-sighting valid?

2.1 The impact of knowledge and communication constraints on this matter
2.2 Travelling to a place where Ramadan began on a different day
2.3 The importance of information in this matter
2.4 The meaning of “hilal”
2.5 Summary of the discussion so far
2.6 A further discussion about the hilal and the Hajj


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2 Responses to “Ibn Taymiyyah on Fasting and Moonsighting”

  1. Mwinyi Says:

    Fasting on ramadhan

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