On brain tumours, GOSH, etc.

Bismillah. Thanks to different friends for the following pieces:

1) These are pretty good reviews for the types of brain tumour in children.

Different types, different growth rate, different prognosis, different treatment, etc.




2) Anonymous writes: My sister was in GOSH when she was a little girl, and I remember just how lovely the staff were, and how well they cared for not just her, but our whole family. I remember I was even jealous of her!!

(I’m pleased to say that things haven’t changed at GOSH, then. 🙂 )

3) Many thanks to another friend who sent us a lovely card at GOSH with the following story, edited slightly to preserve anonymity:

Wed 16th Sept 2009

Dear Usama and family,

I was so sorry to hear about […]’s illness. I have read your blog and know now that […] is doing well – I do hope this continues.

I know it is not always helpful to hear about other people but I thought I would tell you my family’s story as you may get some comfort from hearing about other people who have survived this terrible ordeal.

My niece was diagnosed with two large, malignant tumours near her hypothalamus when she was 15. We were told they could not operate due to their position but eventually a surgeon agreed to do it. It was a terrible time for the whole family as we were told it was unlikely she would survive.

She is now 28 years old, has graduated in law and works as a solicitor. (We were told at the time that she had lost some brain function!) She still has a small piece of brain tumour left but so far this has not changed. She has a yearly brain scan.

I am sorry if all this seems miles away from your situation. I do hope […] will be out of hospital very soon and will be enjoying the Eid celebrations.

Best wishes,

Thank you so much! This story is a huge comfort to us, and I hope to others also. We are touched at your taking the trouble to write it all down and send it to us.

4) Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Natalie Morton, the 14-year-old UK schoolgirl who died this week after having the cervical cancer jab, which is thought to be unconnected to the death. According to BBC Radio 5 Live, the coroner said today that the cause of death was an undiagnosed heart tumour that could have killed her at any moment.

May God give them strength, faith and patience to overcome their ordeal. May Natalie be in Paradise with Abraham, Friend of God, who in Islamic tradition looks after children who die young.


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