The Samosa

The Samosa is a new online magazine and blog site launching on 1 October 2009:

It addresses major issues facing the world today – what is the truth about radicalisation of British Muslims? Is Pakistan really a terrorist hotbed or a far more complicated country than usually reported? Is life getting better or worse for the world’s poor? – with the MidEast, UK and South Asia a special focus.

The Samosa is unique. It blends witty, incisive comment and blogging from over the world with no-holds-barred reportage from new journalistic talent. Humour, colour, investigative reporting, all under one site, taking a cue from The Onion, the Huffington Post and Liberal Conspiracy among others.‬ ‪ ‬‪

We will take you behind the scenes in countries like India and Pakistan, stripping away myths and fears to show you the people, their culture, stories and politics. You’ll meet the celebrity model turned Islamic preacher, the curators of truck painting, environmental campaigners, civil rights campaigners and the man who opens a new school every week. But The Samosa is nothing if not broad, covering politics, culture and society in the UK and the rest of the world.‬‪ ‬‪

Directing the project is Anwar Akhtar, a British Pakistani with a desire to: highlight the huge diversity of the Muslim world, champion progressive, liberal, non sectarian ideals worldwide; to platform the many faces and stories of the Pakistani Diaspora – and a love of classic disco and rock music. ‬‪Anwar helped to found the Rich Mix in East London.


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