New Kogi film

Bismillah. From Alan Ereira:

I’m writing to update you on the new Kogi film, in the hope that you might be able to make a helpful suggestion. I’m sending this to everyone on the mailing list, and it’s probably completely inappropriate to send it to you, but I don’t think I should pre-judge that by leaving you out. So I apologise for annoying you with it if I am just wasting your time.

In April, the Kogi Mamas summoned me back to Colombia and, in a very remarkable meeting high on their mountain, said that the global situation has deteriorated massively and they are now really certain that the world will die unless we change our behaviour. In particular, they spoke about the role of sacred sites in managing the care of nature and the environment, something they say we cannot understand and which they must now demonstrate. They insist that their “spiritual” activities at these sites have visible material results at locations far from the sites themselves, and they want to demonstrate this.

Almost simultaneously I was told that the BBC want to commission Bruce Parry (“Tribe”, “Amazon”) to make a film with the Kogi, and the company they are commissioning, Indus Films, asked if I could help this happen. I took Bruce to the Kogi and they agreed. Filming has to start at the beginning of January and the programme transmitted before the next financial year.The budget is £270k, and the BBC have offered £180k, which Indus hope to push up to £200k, for UK transmission rights. So we could possibly make it work if we can sell rest-of-the-world TV rights, and whole world DVD and theatric rights, for £70k. I am now thrashing around looking for a distributor whose heart is in the right place and pocket deep enough.

It’s a 1-hour film, but we will shoot enough to make a longer version for cinema release if anyone wants that.

Any thoughts most gratefully received.

Alan Ereira
Tairona Heritage Trust
90 Summerlee Avenue
London N2 9QH


6 Responses to “New Kogi film”

  1. ruky Says:

    the language of igala people

  2. ruky Says:

    please i want the impact of language on the unity of kogi peole

  3. Softy Says:

    Very interested to read this article on the Kogi – was enough money raised for Bruce Parry to go out in January and film what can be one programme for the BBC on the Kogi? If yes, when will it be aired?

  4. Usama Hasan Says:

    Dear Softy,

    Thank you for your interest. I do not know the outcome at present, but have asked Alan to reply to your query. I hope to get an answer as soon as possible.

  5. Alan Ereira Says:

    Thanks for the interest. The plan to make the film with Bruce Parry has now been put to one side as he is not available now until the end of 2010, and the Kogi want to proceed in the next few months, so I am now trying to put together funding from other sources. But the object still remains to make a film for world TV, with English as the first language. The budget is US$400,000.
    We are now looking for potential investors.

  6. Softy Says:

    Thank you for letting me know. It’s a great shame that Bruce Parry isn’t available as he would have been great to do it. But I hope you’ll be able to make it happen anyway.

    All best

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