The Independent today on ex-jihadism

Bismillah. Overall a good piece by Johann Hari, but there are a number of inaccuracies and misquotes.

5 Responses to “The Independent today on ex-jihadism”

  1. Hamayoun Says:

    Salam Usama

    Can you tell us what the inaccuracies and misquotes were, particularly on your part of the article?

  2. Abu Abdullah Says:

    As-Salam Alaykum.

    I just read it. I am a bit uncomfortable with the catch-all word “Islamism.” Why not just use a word like “extremist” or “fundamentalist” or “ultraconservative?” Would anyone who believes in the unity of Muslims under a Caliphate be considered an “Islamist” and therefore extreme? I, like you, believe we need to reject slavish obedience to the classical scholars and medieval understandings of Sharia which are clearly biased/intolerant.

    (I believe we can and should respect the classical scholars, but we should also understand the times they lived in, and as Professor Mark Cohen says about all three Abrahamic faiths back then: religious tolerance was seen as a sign of weakness; so we do see a concerted effort to remove tolerant aspects of the Quran, i.e. mass abrogation of tolerant/defensive verses.)

    But having given that entire disclaimer, I still believe in the unity of Muslims under a “Caliph.” Of course I want a peaceful modern state that bears no enmity to others…The Europeans have the EU, so can’t we have our MU? Of course, all of this is hypothetical and unrealistic at this point in time, and I acknowledge that…but still, we shouldn’t allow people to equate Caliphate with extremism.

    About your views on music, can you create a new youtube video on it or write a detailed article on it? Because the debate of you with brother Murtaza has very poor audio which makes it impossible to follow along.

    Lastly, can you clarify what your position is on Quilliam? Do you work for them still? I just feel like you are too bright to be working with them…they seem to be out to get other Muslims and I don’t think you should be associated with that. We need people like you who bring new ways to look at things…

    Fi aman Allah

  3. Aftab Says:

    salaamalaikum Abu Abdullah

    The slides on music is available to download in this blog (80+ slides) … (do a search)

    Although Shaykh juday (most of the music proof is taken from his work) is clean shaven so i assume he believes that not having a beard is permissible … from this it made me doubt taking evidence from him on the music part …

    The Murtaza debate on music was confusing for me it turned out to be a debate on the evils of Hip-Hop and Gangsta-Rap etc… which at the end of the day was pointless .. the issue of music and singing (two separate issues of concern) was also not clearly deliminated so it became mixed up ..

    if you find any more information on the music issue please send to me .. i also cannot see how the principles of Sufism and Salafiya can be reconciled … if you can illucidate anythin on this please do i am all ears/eyes

  4. Imran Says:

    Interesting piece…not much of a fan of Mr. Hari even when i use to work at the Indy.

    Bhai you need to clarify where the inaccuracies and misquotes where within the article.

    Take care


  5. ldii Says:

    I even don’t understand what about it is at all. Why don’t you make more descriptive valuable story for us, the world audience?

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