Hajj / Eid al-Adha date 1430 / 2009

Bismillah. The crescent-visibility maps and calculations at Websurf and http://www.crescentmoonwatch.org make the following clear:

* Eid al-Adha 1430 (10th Dhul Hijjah) should be on Friday 27 Nov 2009 or Saturday 28 Nov 2009 throughout the whole world. *

1) Conjunction occurred on Mon 16 Nov 2009, but the moon was invisible throught the world.

2) The crescent will be visible tonight (Tues 17 Nov) over Southern Africa and the Americas, God-willing. For countries to which this sighting applies (including all of Europe, Africa and the Americas according to the method suggested by many of us), Eid would be on Fri 27 Nov.

3) The crescent will be visible on Wed 18 Nov over most of the world (including Mecca). This would give us Eid on Sat 28 Nov, and is perhaps the more sensible date for Saudi Arabia.

4) Many Muslim congregations follow Saudi Arabia for the date of Eid al-Adha. It is anybody’s guess as to whether Saudi will announce Eid for 27 or 28 Nov. Both dates have some astronomical and legal justification, so there really should be no big arguments, apart from those over impossible claims of moonsighting that the Saudis and Nigerians are good at.

May Allah bless the people of the world during the coming month of the great Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca).


One Response to “Hajj / Eid al-Adha date 1430 / 2009”

  1. ldii Says:

    I’m glad the Eid ul-Adha fell in Friday, Nopember 27th, 2008

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