Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam, the crocodile, hippos and evolution

Bismillah. The Times was an interesting read on Tues 17 Nov. They had the following, amongst others:

1. A review of Yusuf Islam’s first night on his comeback trail, dubbing him, “the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens.”

2. The story with awesome photos of a crocodile bitten to death by a herd of hippos.

3. A report on the British Council-sponsored conference in Alexandria evolution as part of Darwin year. Prof. Nidhal Guessoum, an astronomer who is also active in ICOP, lamented the hold of anti-scientific, anti-evolution ideas on Muslim scholars and students. Guessoum correctly said that this was like him teaching his students that planets and stars were not related, etc. I met Guessoum at the UAE conference on Islamic astronomy in Dec 2007.

The article mentioned that Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) had offered a massive reward (trillions, sic) to anyone who could provide a fossil proving evolution. A strange challenge, since it is not a question of a single fossil, but thousands.
Here is a good article on a new species of Darwin’s finches that has been “seen” evolving:

http://www.wired. com/wiredscience /2009/11/ speciation- in-action/ ?utm_source= feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign= Feed:%20wired/ index%20( Wired:%20Index% 203%20(Top% 20Stories% 202))

The link to “12 Elegant Examples of Evolution” at the bottom of the above page is also worth seeing.


2 Responses to “Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam, the crocodile, hippos and evolution”

  1. Imran Says:

    Salam Bhai

    What is your position on Evolution?

  2. Usama Hasan Says:

    Dear Imran,

    Salams. Please see my BBC Radio 4 “Thought for the Day” piece under the “Evolution/Biology” section of the blog.

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