1001 Inventions exhibition at the Science Museum in London, Jan-Apr 2010

Bismillah. I’ve seen this in Manchester and Birmingham in the past few years. Well worth a visit with family, school, etc. Relevant websites are 1001inventions.com and muslimheritage.com

COMING SOON – 1001 Inventions

21 January – 25 April 2010

(Please note: the exhibition will be closed between 25 February and 12 March)

1001 Inventions will trace the forgotten story of a thousand years of science from the Muslim world, from the 7th century onwards. Featuring many interactive exhibits, displays and dramatisation, the exhibition explores the shared scientific heritage of diverse cultures and looks at how many modern inventions can trace their roots back to Muslim civilisation.

The exhibition is a British-based project, produced in association with the Jameel Foundation.

For further information please contact Laura Singleton, Science Museum Press Office on: 0207 942 4364 or e-mail: laura.singleton@sciencemuseum.org.uk


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