Jeremy Hardy versus the Israeli Army

Jeremy Hardy versus the Israeli Army

‘Oh little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie’

Christmas is almost upon us and the Holy Town of Bethlehem is anything but still. For almost five years now the Israeli Army has been building an enormous concrete wall around and through the city, carving up neighbourhoods and cutting off local Palestinians from generations-owned land and from food and medical supplies. Leila Sansour has been documenting the expansion of the wall and the impact on Bethlehem’s citizens for her new film The Road to Bethlehem, now in final stages of editing. To highlight the emergency facing Bethlehem’s community this Christmas, Tipping Point Film Fund will be showing Leila’s first feature documentary – also shot in Bethlehem – Jeremy Hardy versus the Israeli Army plus a short preview clip of The Road to Bethlehem.

Jeremy Hardy versus the Israeli Army follows the BBC Radio 4 comedian in 2002 as he travels to Israel and the Occupied Territories to team up with members of the International Solidarity Movement (or ISM), where he engages in non-violent direct action to challenge the occupation. As events take a dangerous turn in Bethlehem – how will he handle it?

London Monday 29 November, 7.30pm

The Lexi Cinema, 194b Chamberlayne Rd, Kensal Rise, London NW10 3JU

Tickets cost £10 but are free to TPFF regular givers and annual donors of more than £60. Each ticket includes a free mince pie and glass of something Christmassy. SPECIAL OFFER – NGO WORKERS CAN PURCHASE 2 TICKETS FOR THE PRICE OF 1 -just email from your work email address.

The post-film discussion will ask the question: As we approach Christmas, and the Israeli ‘separation wall’ continues unabated to encircle the town, what future is there for Bethlehem? The panel, chaired by TPFF, will include Maxim Sansour, brother of the director Leila Sansour. Maxim is a character in her new film, The Road to Bethlehem, supported by TPFF and released next year.

Sunday 5 December, 8.15pm

Filmhouse Cinema, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ

Tickets cost £6.90 (£5.20 conc) but are free to TPFF regular givers and annual donors of more than £60

Panel includes: Michael Marten (academic and chair of the Scottish Palestinian Forum), Maureen Jack (Vice Chair of the Scottish Palestinian Forum and member of Christian Peacemaker Teams), the Rev Clarence Musgrave who worked in the West Bank for several years, and Deborah Burton, Co-founder of Tipping Point Film Fund.


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