Photo Encounter Pakistan – Saturday December 4th and Sunday 5th – 16 Heneage Street London E1 5LJ

Bismillah. From The Samosa.


Please find attached, information on Photo Encounter Pakistan, an exhibition this weekend, which The Samosa is supporting.

Please forward details on to colleagues, that may be interested in attending.

Photo Encounter Pakistan, is an initiative by DawnRelief, aimed at raising funds for Pakistan’s flood affected people. It will feature over 300 photographs by some of Pakistan’s leading photographers including Arif Ali, Umair Ghani, Ayesha Vellani, Tapu Javeri, Pervaiz A. Khan, Arif Mahmood and Mahmood Qureshi, at The RAG factory (, 16 Heneage Street, London, E1 5LJ on Saturday December 4th 2pm – 10 pm and Sunday 5th 10 am – 10 pm.

Best wishes,
Anwar Akhtar

The Samosa was set up by individuals in the UK and Pakistan as an open media platform focusing on relations between East and West, diasporas and all communities, based in Britain but international in spirit. We are interested in content discussing the environment, cultural and development issues, how diaspora communities can influence policy and investment decisions.


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