Lecture today – Islam & the theory of evolution

Bismillah. Apologies for the short notice, but this has been announced via the mosque website, email list & Friday prayers over the last few days.

Lecture + Q&A: Islam & the theory of evolution

By: Dr. Usama Hasan

Saturday 22nd January 2011

5-8pm, al-Tawhid Mosque, 80 High Rd, Leyton, London. E15 2BP


18 Responses to “Lecture today – Islam & the theory of evolution”

  1. uwaymir Says:

    Clearly you did not want many people turning up as it was a last minute announcement. You clearly do not want this fitnah of darwinian kufr to subside and your gross negligence to deal with the recurrent points raised against your belief in evolution of man show that either you are incompetent from an Islamic point of view to deal with these issues or you expect the Muslims to simply accept your view in face of diametrical opposition from Islamic creedal point.

    You are not better than the rest of us and just because you have an impressive secular and scientific background means nothing when you oppose Islamic orthodoxy in the matter of creed, which neither you nor your father than overturn nor show some sort of valid differing for!

  2. Kharum Mushtaq Says:

    Usamah Hasan, Darwinism, Evolutionary Forces and the Creation of Man – Part 1: General Observations


  3. Abdallah Says:


    Is it true, mr. U. Hasan, that you have said that Adam a.s. had parents, i.e. some kind of apes of human-like creatures that gave birth to the first man and father of mankind?

    And do you really believe this, i.e. that Adam a.s. is the product of sex between two beings?

    Also, is Hawa also the product of sexual intercourse? Or do you believe that she was created out of the rib of Adam, as mentioned by our Prophet.

    Please, clarify to us your beliefs.

    Thank u.

  4. matin Says:

    dear brother in islam i greet you with the islamiv greeting assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraakhatu. i hope this email will reach you ofthe best of health and eeman inshallah. brother i am writing to you regarding the roumers i heard the other day in the mosque i hope and pray that we are all protected from the shaytan and his whispers. that is the reason i have decided to ask you directly regarding the statements that are made that you as a scientists you believe that we, humanbeings origin is from apes could you please in plain english explain to me, and also as an mslim knowledgeable brother do you really believe in that.

  5. ahmed zhain Says:

    This time the hole you dug for yourself is too big to be climbed out from:


  6. Amatullah Says:

    Making tahreef of the ayaat of Allah SWT and rejecting the ahadeeth of the Prophet SAW and attempting to destroy the ijma’ on a creedal point gets you now brownie points.

  7. Abu Ibraaheem Says:

    you got pied cousin!

  8. Amatullah Says:

    It was indeed shameless of you to involve your father in your shamelessness and heresy. Not only will takfeer be applied to you if you do not repent, but your father’s reputation and legacy will also be forever damaged by your stupidity.

  9. yas Says:

    Asalamu alaykum w.w, ya Dr usama hasan why you so eager to spread this evolution, hijab and secularism, subhanAllah causing so much fitna everywere even borthers who are not practicing are shocked by your statements, this is a very serious matter, and shaykh suhaib hasan hafidahullah is your father in which i see him as a scholar, you are destroying his reputation and this is not good at all, as i fear Allah you also need to fear Allah, forgot all this fitnah mongers they are mistaken but you are also mistaken and you are trying to change the fundemental of islam and this is very dangerous, what i do not understand why are you promoting so hard all this werid ideas, are you making the kuffar happy is that your intention i do not but Allah knows best as i worry for brothers all around, akhi i think you should seclude yourself in the last third of the night and reallly ponder and make alot of dua, to be honest and i am been sincere and inshAllah you will are humble with my opinion is that you should step down as only giving khutbah and leading salah as this fitna will increase further and further if your there and shaykh suahib hasan your father cannot sleep at night is due to your promotions of these very wierd and unknown ideas to the majority of muslims and destroying your fathers work and reputation. anyway my mind is blank right now so ill submit this comment for now and inshallah any thoughts i have later ill post more comments and Allah knows best. please reply to me so i know you have recieved it while you are in the best of health wasalamu alaykum warahmatullah

  10. Muhammad Says:

    As the fatwas of takeer pile in from senior scholars around the world (against you), you may want to at least save the honour and dignity of your father. “Two bricks” less from the masjid will make no difference to the community, yet we hope that you will take back your words of Adam alayhis-salam being born of “human-like” entities.

    And Only Allaah’s Help is sought against man-made fitan.

  11. Jon Says:

    Hi, I would like your views on this:


  12. Hamad Says:

    It was not very bright of you to hold an public meeting in the masjid was it? Do you think some cheap words and a few powerpoint slides could overturn a long established ijma’ on the issue of Adam’s creation? Neither you with your snobby secular qualifications nor the apologetic approach of your (previously respected) father can change this fixed point of Islamic doctrine. I think you’ve run out of excuses to provide to those who previously shielded your heresy on a technicality.

    The damage has been done but this matter is not about personal pride, rather it’s about the haqq – your set course of action/s will a rubber stamp for your apostasy or your repentance. We hope it will be the latter.

  13. Abu Sufyaan Says:

    Youtube has a vidoe of your talk – i think many responses have been written on various discussion boards on the issues you raised. But i wanted to add one comment:

    You try to imply that the isssue of evolution is similar to the world not being flat. The simple answer to this is that everyone can see that the earth is not flat, either by seeing the curvature of the earth from a height or by flying on a plane. But can everyone see evolution? Are even 100% of scientist convinced sbout evolution? So the two cases are completely disimilar. Yes majority of scientists are convinced by evolution, but does that mean that Muslims have to start to try to fit quran and sunnah to these theories?

  14. Kausar Says:


    I challenge you to perform Friday khutbah today and lead Jumu’ah salah! You will be thrown out like the scoundrel that you are.

  15. imani Says:

    Your belief(s) – secularism, evolution, hijab and music in particular and subsequent justification for them have chilled me to the bone. You are a man of very high intellect, an eloquent speaker and a high academic achiever. However, I feel you have lost the balance between science and the word of Allah. Too much focus on science has made you gradually deviate from the right path. I wonder if you have actually heard yourself say the things you have conceded to……I mean actually listened to each word? You are of the opinion that the muslim world has a very childlike interpretation of Creation – this is such an arrogant opinion and is there any further demonstration of your ability to be any more patronisisng? I, like many others from the muslim community would regard myself as an achiever, a science based professional, eloquent enough to be a public speaker, an academic and educated enough to “debate.” Yet I believe in the Creation – and not in the evolutionary development. According to your viewpoint, I am thus beneath your intellectual par.
    I fail to understand how you are able to provide a spin on (my correction, I meant to say taweel/tafsir!?! – whatever the word!), when it has never been done in this manner over the past several centuries.

    What you are doing Sir, is trying to be “civilised” in a society where civility is institutionalised. You are a conformist, whether that is your intention or not. You think it is progress, I think it is deviancy and kufr. Modernisation and secularisation does not equate to progress….progress is self limiting for those muslims who adhere firmly to the aqeedah of the Qur’an and Sunnah….simply because in order to be a “progressive” muslim, one needs to change the way of thinking and actions in tune to the society each muslim lives in. Those on the Right Path do not compromise their creed.

    Whilst you can personally hold these beliefs and thus vocalise them, but do not cause fitnah amongst the people with your ideologies. You do not speak on my behalf in your literature and columns nor should you assume I am of lower intelligence with a childlike capacity.

    You may believe you are genuinely aggreived and misunderstood by the masses – all I can suggest is, you come down a few pegs and revisit the fundamentals of tawhid.

  16. Ahmed Says:

    As-salamu alaykum,
    I wanted to just add a few more points.

    When I watched your lecture online,I was not expecting the reaction that I saw i.e. the screaming and particularly the Takfeer.

    This is because I started loving the Quran and feeling a deeper connection to it only after watching Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Bayan-ul-Quran. So when I heard his views on evolution I assumed it was a minority acceptable opinion and not something that negates one’s Iman.

    Anyway I was wondering if you have watched the following video:

    In it (starting from 7:09) Dr Bilal Philips expresses his views on evolution. Although he does’nt seem to accept it as correct. He says that if someone was convinced of evolution he could say pretty much what you are saying.

    So I was thinking maybe you could contact him and see what he has to say.Because it is clearly to me from that video that he doesn’t consider it to be Kufr to say Adam evolved.

    Personally, I don’t agree with your view on Adam’s evolution but that is another discussion.

  17. Abdul Rahman Al Andalusi Says:

    Assalamaleykum Usama

    The recent furore caused by your views on evolution have begun to catch the attention of a wider audience:


    I pray that Allah guides us all back to His way.


    Abdul Rahman

  18. Asad Chaudhry Says:

    AA, any recording available?

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