The Imam of Peace

Bismillah. From a friend (John Butt is well-known to many Cambridge University students over the last decade, since he served there as Muslim chaplain):

Please listen to this excellent Radio 4 programme

“Nadene Ghouri profiles John Butt, an Englishman who travelled to South Asia on the hippy trail, converted to Islam and trained as an imam. For the last few decades his mission has been to spread a message of peace and tolerance across Pakistan and Afghanistan. He set up a series of radio stations across the Swat Valley in Northern Pakistan and established a madrassa in Jalalabad in Afghanistan, preaching his own version of a moderate inclusive Islam. Now this work is getting tougher. The Swat operation was hit by last year’s flooding while militants attacked his madrassa, burning down a building. The jihadist threat means it is too dangerous for John Butt to travel to the Swat Valley or to visit his project in Jalalabad. Nadene Ghouri asks who’s winning – John or the extremists?”


2 Responses to “The Imam of Peace”

  1. Hanzalah Says:

    Do you really this this meandering will turn attention away from the fitnah you have caused and the kufr you have uttered. 7 senior scholars have thus far made takfeer on a person who believes Adam (AS) to have evolved from other species. I humbly request that you revoke your statements and repent from your disbelief, so that you and your father do not become a cause for others’ disbelief.

    Imagine being responsible for the disbelief of others let alone yourself and yourself.

  2. Maha Khan Says:

    I have just come across him and his body of work. He is more than excellent. May Allah bless him and his family forever

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