Please support the Convoy of Hope to Somalia

Bismillah. I spoke to Amanda Lindhout on Sunday . She mentioned: people walking for 40 days in the heat to the camp in Kenya, many dying along the way; a mum whose 3 kids had died on the way; mums holding their dead babies.
Please donate to the Convoy of Hope: the target is to raise $300,000 by Saturday 30th July 2011. If you wished to give some zakat during Ramadan, consider paying some or all of it early. Below is a letter of appeal. Please also share with others, thanks 🙂

More background is here:

You can find more information on our website:

or click here to go directly to the Somalia Famine page:

Our goal is to raise $300,000 USD by Saturday July 30th which will feed 50,000 starving Somalis inside of Somalia. Food distribution will take place in Dhoobley, Somalia and will target those fleeing the country on foot. Many of these people die of starvation before making it across the Kenyan border into the refugee camps. Our food baskets will feed a family of 5 for two weeks, giving them sustenance to complete the multi-week journey and settle in the camps.

All implementing organizations on the ground are working with 0% overhead. Anyone requiring a tax receipt will be charged a 17% administrative charge by Hope For The Nations, our American based partner issuing the receipts within North America. Compared to the 40%overhead costs of Unicef, the only other organization doing food distribution, our convoy is the best option for maximizing donor impact.

I believe it is our responsibility as compassionate citizens of the world to do whatever we can to save the lives of those suffering in Somalia. It is a tragedy when mothers are burying their children because of lack of food.

If nothing else people should know that with every donation they give- lives are saved.

With gratitude,

Amanda Lindhout
Founder and Executive Director
The Global Enrichment Foundation


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