On the date of Eid al-Fitr 1432 (2011) in the UK

Bismillah. Please refer to the UK Moonwatch website
(www.crescentmoonwatch.org), especially the “next new moon” section.

The UK should probably celebrate Eid on Wed 31st August, i.e. a 30-day Ramadan, although a case can be made for Eid on Tues 30th August, since the predicted first visibility of the new crescent moon is relatively close to the Greenwich meridian, albeit in the far southern hemisphere. Details below, taken from the Moonwatch website – please refer to the diagrams there also.

Some UK mosques have had major disputes over the timing of dawn and fast-beginning this month (18-degree sun angle vs. 15 degrees, etc.). This is pathetic.

Please, let’s enjoy a blessed last 10 days of Ramadan and a wonderful Eid, whenever we celebrate. As usual, it needs political unity to make a collective
decision on Eid in keeping with scientific knowledge. The latter is also a must in technology-based societies, especially for Islamic faith-communities whose civilisation once led the way in science and technology for centuries.

Usama Hasan
Vice-Chairman, Al-Tawhid Mosque & Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society 21st of Ramadan 1432 and August 2011

From the Moonwatch homepage this month:

Welcome to HMNAO’s Moon Watch web site.
Have you ever wondered at what stage you can see the new crescent moon?

In August 2011, the New Moon will occur on August 29th. Sighting of this crescent moon will mark the end of Ramadan and the start of the three day festival of Eid ul-Fitr for the Muslim community.

A naked-eye sighting of the new crescent moon may be possible under very good conditions from central parts of South America on August 29th. However, it is more likely that sightings may be made the same day from southern parts of South America and from south-western parts of the Pacific Ocean region. Easier sightings of the new crescent moon should be possible from most parts of the world on August 30th with the exception of northern and central Asia, northern Europe and Canada. These exceptions should be able to sight the new crescent Moon the following day on August 31st. Consequently, we would like to encourage as many observers as possible to try and observe the new crescent Moon from August 29th to August 31st.


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