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Khorsandi in today’s Evening Standard (London): partly right, partly wrong

October 26, 2010

Bismillah. I’ve just sent this letter to the ES.

With the Name of God

Dear Editor,

Peyvand Khorsandi is right to highlight Iran’s appalling human rights record. But there was no need for his inaccurate and gratuitously-offensive description of Islamic worship as “rolling around on the floor of a mosque.” Would ES have printed something similar about any other religion? Muslim Londoners, who constitute 8-10% of our great city’s population, expect better.

And how can a columnist mention Gaza whilst ignoring the fact that it is effectively one big prison camp, as David Cameron put it, or concentration camp, as others describe it?

Khorsandi’s article, sadly, neatly encapsulates the current Muslim dilemma: we are caught between extremism and fanaticism of both the religious and secularist variety. May God give us the courage to get the balance right!

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Usama Hasan
Leyton, London


Mandelbrot Joins the Infinite Set

October 16, 2010

Bismillah. Benoit Mandelbrot passed away on Thursday, RIP. Studying fractals & the Mandelbrot set has given pleasure to millions of people over the years.

Arabic star names

October 12, 2010

From Abu Ammar Mangorangca:

Salaam. There is an interesting article on the visible stars with Arabic names, 210 of them, entitled “Arabic in the Sky.”

This is found and may be downloaded from:

Mosque and Hindu temple on the same site

October 1, 2010

Bismillah. I attended Friday prayers today at Palmers Green Mosque in North London ( 1/6 of the site is for a Hindu temple, 1/3 for the mosque, 1/2 for two football pitches used by local schools + the mosque. (Remind you of inheritance calculations, anyone?) Ayodhya: we beat you to peaceful coexistence! 🙂