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I am amazed …

May 19, 2012

Bismillah. Translation of a poster that caught my eye in the Islamic Foundation prayer hall today:


… at the one afflicted by four [matters],
how he can forget four [verses].

Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq [The Truthful] said:

I am amazed at the one afflicted by fear, how he can forget, “Enough for us is God: what an excellent protector!” [Q 3:173]

I am amazed at the one afflicted by people’s plotting against him, how he can forget, “I entrust my matter to God: truly, God is All-Seeing over His Servants!” [Q 40:44]

I am amazed at the one afflicted by harm, how he can forget, “My Lord! Truly, harm has touched me, whilst You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.” [Q 21:83]

I am amazed at the one afflicted by sorrow, how he can forget, “There is no god except You. Glory be to You! Truly, I used to be amongst the wrongdoers.” [Q 21:87]


Al-Tawhid Mosque Dispute Solved!

May 17, 2012

18/05/2012 UPDATE

Bismillah.  As stated yesterday, details to follow after Friday Prayers about the 6-month interim dispute-resolution reached, that will God-willing lay the foundation for a long-term solution.  Part of the agreement was the removal of any ealier website articles relating to the dispute, which is why the previous two posts on this blog have now been deleted.  The mosque website(s) will also be modified at the instruction of the arbiter.  I pray that the congregation of Al-Tawhid Mosque are able to coexist in a peaceful and civilised manner despite our differences, that we should be able to discuss freely.



Al-Tawhid Mosque Dispute Solved, Praise God! Several of us resigned from the Trust today, including myself. Details to follow, inc. an announcement after Friday Prayers tomorrow, God-willing. A massive thanks also to Nizar Boga JP & his team. 🙂