Usama Hasan is an imam, scientist, lecturer & activist based in London, UK.

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  1. Milad Ershaghi Says:

    As salamu alaykum

    I am an ICOP member – and learned about your presentation on the 31st of July. I was wondering if you have any slides that you can e-mail to me – so I can get a sense of what was communicated?

    Barak Allah feekum


    • usamahasan Says:

      wa ‘alaykum as-salam. The presentation was cancelled due to ill-health, but the slides I would have presented are available in a new posting called “Reflections on Moonsighting” dated 2nd August 2009. Please have a look.

  2. S Rahman Says:

    Beautiful and interesting website/blog….Thanks for the update and our prayer will always be there…


  3. Abu Abdullah Says:

    As-Salam Alaykum, Imam.

    I’ll be honest: I live on the opposite side of the pond as you, so I had never really heard of you before, until all of a sudden I had heard people making takfir of you and saying all sorts of other things.

    I had never heard any of your talks before so this was all third hand knowledge of you from biased sources…Then I stumbled upon your appearance on Dr. Tariq Ramadan’s show. Everything you said on that show was great. You talked complete sense. Very reasonable. I was actually quite impressed by you.

    I did however have a couple questions for you:

    (1) Some people did takfir on you for your belief in evolution. On the IslamToday website it says that Muslims are allowed to believe in evolution except for the creation of Adam (as). IslamToday’s fatwa was nice progress though away from the typical answer of “evolution is haram!” But anyways, my question for you is: how do you reconcile the Hadiths about the creation of Adam (as) with Allah’s Hands and your belief that man also evolved?

    I am not challenging you; I am actually quite interested in your view. Your performance on Ramadan’s show really impressed me. Just want to ask you directly instead of getting information from third-hand sources.

    2) You have been declared a kafir for your belief in “Islamic secularism.” Can you please explain what you mean by that? I am a strong believer in “Islamic democracy,” and open to new ideas. But I need to understand what you mean and how you reconcile that with Quranic verses, etc. Thank you very much.

    You may choose to reply to me publicly or email me privately, but please don’t ignore me!

    I haven’t formulated an opinion about you yet, and I am open minded. Everything I know about you (except the Tariq Ramadan show you did) is from third hand sources…I’ve heard tons of bad things about you but they are all from Salafis, and I do not think they are a reliable source, since they bash almost everyone on earth. So I want to know from the source itself, insha-Allah.

    Thank you!

    Jazakh-Allah khair.

    Fi Aman Allah

  4. Abu Abdullah Says:

    I just watched your appearance on HardTalk. Another great performance by yourself. In that, you seemed to be critical of Western foreign policy, which really weakens the argument by some Salafis that you are a “government stooge.”

    Anyways, I hope to hear from you about your views on secularism and evolution.

    Thank you!

  5. stangerzv Says:

    Assalamualaykum wr wb

    Dear brother Usama, I am shukri. I think you still remember me as we used to meet in Oxford. Alhamdulillah to know that you still active in dawaah. Currently I am working on the new model of expansion of universe, since you are good in cosmology maybe we could share some idea. I also managed to develop new mathematical formula in the field of combinatorics, which would be published within weeks. My blog is http://stangerzv.wordpress.com/ and it would be about mathematics and cosmology. I just created it and would published the work once I managed to publish them.


    • usamahasan Says:

      Dear Shukri,

      Salams and thanks for getting in touch, great to hear from you. Good to hear about your new blog on mathematics and cosmology & look forward to learning from you there. Suggestion: widen the subject-matter of your blog, like I do. πŸ™‚


  6. Muslim Says:

    Salamu’alykum Br Usama,
    You seemed to alude to some kind of a fiqhi difference of opinion on the hijab,meaning head covering, in one of your talks. can you direct me to books in Arabic or English, were i can read more on this?

    Also, do you have an email address?


    • Usama Hasan Says:

      wa ‘alaykum as-salam. I have written a 16-page paper on the subject that will be published along with other views on the subject by a UK academic later this year, insha’Allah. In the meantime, I will try to blog about the issue. btw My email address is usama107 “at” yahoo dotcom.

  7. Sajjad Says:

    Dear Br. Usama –

    Assalamu Alaikum. I tried to reach you by email a few weeks ago. Would love to be in touch especially on some of the maqasid issues you raise.

    Please email me when you have a moment.

    Thank you,

  8. Harun Verstaen Says:

    Salam brother Usamah,

    I hope and pray you are well insha’Allah.

    I have a request. I’d like your permission to translate – into Dutch – and possibly publish the booklet translated by you called “Tolerance Within Islam” from Ibn Taymiyyah. Would this be ok? Please let me know insha’Allah.

    Take care wa salam,

    your brother Harun Verstaen from the Netherlands

    p.s. We once met and spoke very briefly at JIMAS some years ago and I have attended some classes of your father – may Allah preserve him – at masjid Tawhid while in London the last couple of years. I’m a student of a colleague of your father in the Netherlands from the Islamic Shariah Council.

  9. Harun Verstaen Says:

    Wa salamu aleykum wa rahmatullah dear brother Usamah. Jazzak Allah for your quick and affirmative answer, alhamdulillah. I’ll will ask another brother who is much in better Arabic than me to check it with the original Arabic text once finished insha’Allah. I’ll keep you informed insha’Allah but it will take a while since I’m busy with other translations as well, this will be a future project. Thank you very much.

    Take care wa salam,


  10. Hind-ksa Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I was looking for imam al shafi’i poems in english, and i found myself visiting ur blog. I read many posts, ur blog is very englightening and it truly includes all the odds! i mean its like a place where all muslims can relate to without being interrupted by that sectarian prob. no difference between sufis, salafi blah blah.. its about unity! may u be blessed for ur effort

  11. Muslim Inquisition Today: the plight of Usama Hasan » Savoir ou se faire avoir Says:

    […] in some corner of Pakistan or Yemen – right in London, UK! Usama Hasan is a special specimen. He presents himself as β€œan imam, scientist, lecturer & activist based in London, UK”; the Guardian describes him […]

  12. TheRationalizer Says:

    The Quran says Adam was made from clay, and that we all come from one soul and his wife (presumably Adam and Eve) – this is clearly not what the evidence shows us.

    I am sure you are familiar with the saying “No matter how good the hypothesis, it must be abandoned if the evidence says it is not so.” You are a scientist, you have looked at the evidence and you see what it is telling you.

    A lie demands you do not scrutinise it so that it may continue to deceive you. On the contrary, the truth not only withstands scrutiny but outright demands it in order to be discovered.

    Were those demands not to scrutinise orchestrated to reveal the truth, or cover the lie?

  13. MC Says:

    “God” is the name we give our own ignorance, and ‘religious’ is the name we give people who worship it.

  14. Louise Says:

    Dear Dr Usama Hasan

    I work for a reputable theatre company and we are currently working on a piece relating to freedom of speech. Given recents events we’d very much like to interview you, would this be possible?

    I’d be most grateful if you would contact me on the email provided.

    Many Thanks and Best Wishes

  15. Denis O. Lamoureux Says:

    Dear Imam Usama Hasan,
    Greetings from Canada. I just viewed the CNN March 21, 2011 episode about you. As you know the relationship between science and religion is also a challenge in Christianity, especially the issue of evolution.

    My concern is pastoral. Once young people see the science, many often leave their faith. I have found that a reconsideration of hermeneutics is valuable. Have you written anything on this topic? I would much appreciate any citation. Thank you.

    Best wishes,

    Denis O. Lamoureux DDS PhD PhD
    Associate Professor of Science & Religion
    St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  16. goalie Says:

    Usama hasan

    is it true that the quran makes lots of mistakes on astronomy. Like how it says stars fly at jinn etc. this is your field I understand, so would appreciate some info

  17. maha Says:

    Hello Dr Usama,

    I’m working on a documentary project that touches on the Muslim understanding of the creation story. I think your insight will be very valuable for this documentary.

    Is it possible to contact you by email? Please let me know, as I was unable to find an email for you.


  18. Md Soukat Ali Says:

    Dear Mr Maha
    I am not clear why this e-mail to Dr Usama Hasan came to me. I just about know him. Please let know if I can be of any help.

    I am neither an imam, nor a scientist, scholar or acknowledge writer. I like discussing about Islamic reforms.
    Md Soukat Ali

  19. Cedric PULCIAN Says:


    I have been brought up in a catholic environment and I would like to ask you some questions.

    Firstly, what is the place of Israfil, Mikail and Djibril in Islam?

    Secondly, would it be fair to say Gavrial for the Jews, Gabriel for the Christians and Djibril from the Muslims are the same Angel? As well as Israfil and Mikail?

    Personally we all believe in the ten commandments, you have even more commandments if I am not mistaken, we believe in the same angels, we must therefore believe in the same God.


    Cedric JS PULCIAN
    UNITED-NATIONS – In The Service Of Peace Medal 1995

    • Mohammad soukat Ali Says:

      I am not a scholar in Islam and my view on religion is based on my liberal views about Islam.

      I accept that there is only one God but different religion look at Him differently.

      The Hebrews seem to believe that God created them as the chosen race. This implies that other nations matter to God and them less. See how they treat the Palestenians who are the original people of that area, the Philistines.

      The Christians God is based on trinity, God, the Son and Holy Ghost -three in one or one in three.This was not originally so but but a later innovation. Most modern American European Chrisrians are motivated my earthly desires and want to dominate over the Asian and African people.

      God in Is Islam is stated as ” Allah is One, not dependent on anything or,anyone; no one gave birth to Him nor did he gave birth to anybody. He is Unique and cannot be compared to any body or any object.” That is why there is no picture or objects like madona, cross or Jesus in the on the cross. in Islam

      The problem with modern Islam is that the humanitarian aspect has been forgotten by most modern Muslims. So when people other than Muslims are in need they do not seem to care.

      Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 01:06:07 +0000 To: souk_ali24@hotmail.com

  20. Zahrah Awaleh Says:

    Salams dear brother Usama,

    I liked your piece on fasting and since my teens are fasting the whole month iA, and I’m recovering from an op, I’ll seriously consider a 12, or 14-16 HR fast for them and me.

    Secondly, the piece on abortion is v thorough and revealing. I had tubal blockage after my 4th child bc I didn’t want the trauma of an abortion in my 40s. I would love to hear your thoughts on sterilization/ permanent contraception. Tubal blockage has worked v well for me and allows me my natural cycle as I move into peri-menopause, whereas the copper iud suppressed my cycle for a chemical one.

    I look forward to your thoughts on sterilization.


    • Usama Hasan Says:

      Wa ‘alaykum as-salam, sister Zahrah. Thank you for your feedback. In general, sterilisation is frowned upon by Muslim jurists since it is a type of harm to the body (and to the procreational rights of one’s spouse etc), but it is allowed out of necessity, to prevent greater harm, such as for the reasons that you cite. Any final, irreversible decision should be taken in consultation with your spouse, doctor, etc. and God knows best!

  21. Ossama Hasan Says:

    Dear Dr Hasan,
    My name is Ossama Hasan and I am a student at Middlesex university currently finishing my degree in Bsc Psychology. I have watched your lecture on evolution and read your writings on this matter. I myself am a strong believer in evolution and see that evolution is in complete correspondence with the quran. I have been oppressed myself for sharing my thoughts in Muslim communities and would like to ask you to attend the book fair scheduled on the 12 of April 2016 where a revolutionary book entitled the delusion of Athiesm written by the scholar Ahmed Al hassan proves that science and Islam are not at odds and that science itself proves the need for the existence of a creator. This book is in Arabic and English and looks at evolutioon, quantum mechanics, archaeology, and.other sciences in relation to Islam. It debunks and exposes the limitations in the current scientific and atheistic community wheb to comes to explaining the origins and causes of existence وجود. I also invite you sir for an interview with myself and with Mr Anis Kotia who has already contacted you and Dr Rana Dajani on Facebook to discuss your views and opinions with regards to this matter. We are located on London.

  22. Mohammad Soukat Ali Says:

    I find it very odd to equate the Quran with Science.The Quran is a guidance for people. Science existed before the Quran was proclaimed. In some way or other non Muslims like the Greeks used it to enhance human knowledge. The problems with some Muslims are that when any new scientific discovery is made Muslims proclaim that it is already in the Quran. These Muslims cannot talk about any new scientific matter which scientists have not yet found out. Have we forgotten that for a long time these type Muslims ridiculed scientists trying to interfere with Allah? How long Muslims did disbelieve in the Theory of Evolution? Now that it is a well established theory or fact they are using twisted logic to say all scientific discoveries are in the Quran. Quran is not science. Some descriptions may seem to be scientific explanation but they are general description, not scientific explanation. I would treat Quran and science separately.

    If Allah creates life forms, some life forms like bacteria and virus are man’s enemies. Science has to find cures for these enemies to save human lives. Where Did the Quran say how to cure Cholera, Small Pox, or even AIDS?

  23. Mohammad Soukat Ali Says:

    Would these Muslims who have been educated in the West and thus talking about matters such as evolution be able to discuss these freely in the Muslim countries? Brother go back to the origin of your parents’ country and talk about evolution there see if you can make them accept it. There is no point trying to convince about science in the Quran in the West. It is more important to teach science in the Muslim countries who are rigidly applying Sharia laws forgetting humanity.

    Mohammad Soukat Ali

  24. T.O. Shanavas MD Says:

    Theodicy and Pandemic

  25. Sana d Says:

    Assallam walaikum
    I have a durood sharif book and i need help in understanding it
    As you are the author i need your help please
    Jazakallah khair

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